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Naomi Watts Likes To Get Pounded On By Big Hairy Apes

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

naomi watts threesome

When we say Naomi Watts likes to get pounded on by big hairy apes, we do not mean King Kong. And by big hairy apes, we mean men. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are photos of the Australian actress indulging in a fucking frenzy with a couple of hairy guys. See the hottie from Down Under get all raunchy and sweaty when she gets double fucked by these horny guys.

naomi watts breasts

Of course, Naomi Watts did get personally cast by director Peter Jackson to play Ann Darrow in the remake of King Kong; the role was originally played by legendary screen siren Faye Wray in the classic black-and-white original. And Naomi Watts did get to have her close encounter with the big giant ape.

naomi watts double fuck

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