Naomi Watts in hot lesbian sex by the pool

December 12th, 2016 by J

Whatever sad experiences Naomi Watts had as a kid regarding her broken family, she made for becoming successful in the career she chose today. Not only did she moved on from the hurtful past but she totally forgot how it made her feel like shit whenever she’s doing wild things in public.

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She feels so free now that she doesn’t give a damn who would see her hooking up with equally hot chicks like herself while being filmed outdoors. This naughty lesbian video is just one of the examples of her kinky habit. Watts going wild by the swimming pool with her sexy girlfriend. Stripping naked and playing with each other’s cunts. They both enjoyed finger-banging and eating each other’s wet twats, leaving some nice trail of pussy juice on the concrete floor.

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July 21st, 2016 by J

Many women would want to trade places with Naomi Watts for having one hunk of a partner in Liev Schreiber but even with such hot sex partner, she still craves for something ‘new’. Probably her wild ways is one of the things Schreiber loves about her and even you, if you were her husband, would die to snatch her from anyone’s grip is she is this wild. Check out her leaked video where she lets this inked jock eat her pussy up and bang her rough on cam. Enjoy that sweet ass as it gets drenched in cum.

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Naomi Watts gives head and gets banged in public

March 18th, 2016 by J

One of the roles Naomi Watts accepted years ago was in a film called Gross Misconduct. She was a student in the movie wherein she accuses one of her mentors of raping her. While that’s just a scripted role she has to play on screen, what you are about to watch in this video is her real self who is into role playing as some hitchhiking chick doing crazy things with a total stranger. See, she doesn’t even need some director or a script to tell her what she had to do and how to do them. She’s pleasuring this friend of hers, giving some hot head while inside a parked car, having everything on video.

Naomi Watts gets plowed in public

Not such a gross misconduct if she’s practically throwing herself on some dude’s hard cock to get herself stuffed even when they’re out in the open. No doubt Naomi Watts is one of those most sought-after blondes who’s in control of her passions when it comes to sex. She performs quite well in and out of the bedroom, I might add. If she can be this sleazy in public, no need to wonder where she gets that realistic acting on films since she’s a pro in private. It’s just a matter of channeling her inner bitch just like how she’s done in this clip. Watch and enjoy as she takes pleasure sucking a dick and getting plowed hard outdoors.

Naomi Watts in dirty lesbian boob groping

February 29th, 2016 by J

This British blonde bombshell sure has a lot of surprises. Being married for years and having kids, you wouldn’t imagine her to still be doing these hardcore videos with her wild friends. You could say she’s a bit of a swinger and she definitely likes groping massive breasts. But she’s not just the one who enjoys squeezing some horny woman’s tits because she too likes the sensation it gives her whenever some man or woman would be playing with her juicy juggs too. It’s all in this new sex tape of hers, her hobby that hasn’t been known to the public until now. Maybe one of the secrets to her happy marriage is to go for variety. This way, this blonde hottie wouldn’t tire just sucking on her hubby’s dick and getting fucked by it all the time. She’s one of these adventurous blondies that has to be kept on a tight leash but make it a long one and she wouldn’t go astray.

Naomi Watts enjoys dirty boob groping

She’s indeed into all things huge, which is quite true even onscreen. Having King Kong fall in love with her, can’t help but imagine the size of that cock that she could possibly enjoy sticking inside that wet and smooth cunt of hers. Then here she is enjoying another one of the things she like on a much bigger scale, her girl friend’s funbags that could easily choke the life out of her if she let them sit on her face for a few minutes. But it ain’t gonna happen as she likes to grab them with both hands while licking those stiff nips and making her friend scream with delight. Pretending to be one horny pervy dude she positions herself behind her girl pal’s round ass, grinding her mound, making her pant a lil. Doing this while giving those giant tits a squeeze, making both of them moan and hump like rabid dogs.

Naomi Watts Likes To Get Pounded On By Big Hairy Apes

June 22nd, 2010 by queen

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When we say Naomi Watts likes to get pounded on by big hairy apes, we do not mean King Kong. And by big hairy apes, we mean men. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are photos of the Australian actress indulging in a fucking frenzy with a couple of hairy guys. See the hottie from Down Under get all raunchy and sweaty when she gets double fucked by these horny guys.

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Of course, Naomi Watts did get personally cast by director Peter Jackson to play Ann Darrow in the remake of King Kong; the role was originally played by legendary screen siren Faye Wray in the classic black-and-white original. And Naomi Watts did get to have her close encounter with the big giant ape.

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Naomi Watts Gets Some Golden Showers Going In The Tub

December 9th, 2008 by queen

As if her costume and vegetable dildo fetish wasn’t kinky enough, it seems that there’s no limit to the dirty sexual fetishes Naomi Watts will try.  Here’s another kinky session of hers caught by someone’s camera.  I’m starting to think that it’s her boyfriend Liev Schreiber who gets her to do these things to satisfy HIS weird fetishes, and Naomi is just obliging him out of love or something.  But then again, Naomi Watts really looks like she’s enjoying these dirty games of hers and she’d be doing them even if there weren’t any cameras around to document her perversions.  And what’s her dirty little kink this time?  How about getting naked in a tub and peeing all over so that she’s lying in her own warm urine?  Boy, I never thought this golden-haired beauty would be into golden showers, but it looks like I was wrong.  And I’m glad I was wrong, because the dirtier these celebrities get, the hotter they are!  There’s nothing that can turn on a guy more than a babe with a squeaky clean image, like say an Academy Award-nominated actress, who does nasty sexual things at home behind closed doors.  At least that’s what I think, and that’s why I love checking out this site, which has got some of the kinkiest images of celebrities that you never thought you’d see.  Check it out if you want, there’s lots of room for everybody over there!

Naomi Watts Has Got A Really Kinky Fetish

December 9th, 2008 by queen

Now there are a lot of horny celebrity babes who have one fetish or another, because lets face it, sex comes so easy for them, since they’re so hot there are really few guys who can refuse them when they need a good fucking.  So to keep things interesting and exciting, some Hollywood honeys get into some light bondage, or maybe have a lesbian session or two.  But Naomi Watts has got to have one of the kinkiest fetishes I’ve ever seen a horny celebrity have.  As seen in these images, Naomi Watts seems to like dressing up in costumes while dildo fucking herself with vegetables!

In the pictures we can see two examples of Naomi Watts’ perverted self-pleasure sessions, and boy is she getting nasty with those agricultural crops!  In one of her erotic masturbatory escapades, she’s dressed as a nun, of all things!  And while dressed as a chaste handmaiden of the Catholic faith, she’s got what may be a cucumber or zucchini sticking out from her pussy while she’s positioned on all fours.  And because that image is really quite bizarre, another session showing her quite naked as a kinky bunny is almost normal, even with that carrot she’s holding ready to penetrate her sweet poontang.  I mean, it’s a cute widdle wabbit getting ready to fuck a carrot — that’s at least logical, isn’t it?

Someone ought to tell Liev Schreiber that his girlfriend needs some cock in her, right now.  Although maybe he’s enjoying the show and is out buying some fresh produce as we speak.  To check up on more of Naomi Watts’ hot dildo sex sessions, click on this link right here!

Naomi Watts Loves Spreading Her Pussy Open

December 9th, 2008 by queen

When Naomi Watts does nude pictorials, she doesn’t just do them half-heartedly.  She gives her all, like what she does onscreen in her more intense dramatic movies.  I say that because these sizzling hot nude pictures of Naomi don’t just show her in the buff being coy and simply baring her naked body for all of us to enjoy, they show her really baring it all and giving us a good look at her pink pussy.  Whether she’s got her legs open or knees up, she’s spreading her pussy wide open, and that’s just so kinky of her!  Seeing Naomi Watts’ pussy in all its moist, blossoming glory like that has got to be the biggest turn on ever for us fans, and these pics are sure to cause orgasms across the world.  With her blonde beauty and tight, slender body, it’s so easy to focus on Naomi Watts’ sweet cunny, because the entirety of her naked body is so perfect, yet without any giant boobs to distract us, we can really concentrate on her other assets.  That’s the right thing to do, and it shows that Naomi knows exactly what her audience wants and how to deliver it.

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Naomi Watts Bares Her Boobies

December 2nd, 2008 by queen

Well, if there’s one thing that can be said about this blonde British-Australian babe, it’s that lots of guys (and good directors) have gone ape over her!  That’s pretty obvious, with all the good roles she’s been getting lately, ever since she finally hit it big with her critics in the David Lynch film “Mulholland Drive” in 1999.  Before that it was movies “Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering” that kept her busy, so I guess she doesn’t want to go back to doing those kinds of movies.  It’s understandable then that she’s upping her box-office cachet by showing us her boobies!

Just look at these Naomi Watts topless pics.  She’s really a lovely gal, and her chest cupcakes are nice and perky, but not too large at all.  No, they’re perfectly sized and made for cupping, which we’d love to see happen in any of her upcoming movies, now that she’s made it apparent that she’s ready to take the next step and go nude and erotic in her performances.  At least that’s what we’re hoping for, after seeing her show off her titties like this!  As for her showing off more than just her titties, you can see that happen when you check out this site.  They’ve got hot samples of Naomi Watts doing things that are beyond just daring, but it’s something her burgeoning career definitely doesn’t need at the moment.  But who knows, maybe after these topless shots, it might be time for her to get even raunchier